Tequila Gran Dovejo™

Tequila Gran Dovejo is a small-batch, traditionally crafted, tequila made from 100%  of the finest, estate grown blue agaves that are exclusively grown and produced in the highlands of Jalisco by the Feliciano Vivanco Family. The acidic, iron rich soil in this region known as the golden triangle of the highlands, is ideal for growing large agaves with high sugar content. At peak maturity the agave is harvested, the heart of the agave (pina) is hand selected, then slowly cooked in traditional brick ovens for a minimum of 36 hours at a temperature of 194 degrees Fahrenheit. Once roasted, they are milled in order to extract the sweet juices. The juices are isolated and then fermented with the use of “Prise de Mousse”, champagne yeast, and wild yeast strands pulled from the estate agaves themselves. During fermentation, what has been called,“ The Mozart Method”, is used to optimize the sugar conversion. Gran Dovejo is double distilled using alembic copper pot stills. Gran Dovejo Blanco is unaged and bottled after distillation. Our Reposado and Añejo are then aged in American white oak barrels and not bottled until the aroma, body and taste has reached the mandatory standard of our Master Distiller, Sergio Cruz. Our Reposado is aged anywhere between 6 to 12 months, while our Añejo is aged a minimum of 12 months, but may be left to age as long as 3 years. Expressing his craftsmanship and worthy of carrying his name, Sergio Cruz introduces his exquisite creation: Tequila Gran Dovejo. Masterfully done.



Gran Dovejo is a small-batch, traditionally crafted, premium tequila. Made from 100% of the finest, single-estate, blue agave; our plants are exclusively grown in the beautiful highlands of Jalisco, Mexico by the Vivanco family who has been producing some of the finest agave in the region for over five generations. The agave plants are harvested at the peak of maturity, stripped of their "pencas", and the "piñas" are then slowly roasted in traditional clay ovens for a minimum of 36 hours. 

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To create the unique flavor profile of Tequila Gran Dovejo, Frank and Jesus also worked with two of Mexico’s most influential and reputable master distillers. This team of award winning master distillers have been referred to as Mexico’s Tequila gurus. The collaboration and passion from everyone involved has led to a truly unique and award winning product. Since its creation Tequila Gran Dovejo has garnered numerous gold medals including “Best of Class”, and Wine Enthusiast Magazines “Top 50 Spirits”.


Tequila Gran Dovejo began in 2009 as the project of a lifetime for two cousins with one goal in mind: to produce the finest and highest quality hand crafted tequila.  As huge tequila aficionados, in 2009 the feeling was that the tequila industry was saturated with brands that lacked true passion for the spirit and many times feeling they were drinking the same tequila in different bottles.  



The acidic, iron rich soil in this region known as the golden triangle of the highlands, is ideal for growing large agaves with high sugar content.


Heritage, quality, and craftsmanship are but a few words that can properly describe what is found within every bottle of Gran Dovejo. Partnering with  Feliciano Vivanco and family, we in invite you to experience something truly special. Gran Dovejo is crafted to express the unique terroir found in the highlands of Jalisco. Along with the passion, history and craftsmanship of the Vivanco family and Master Distiller Sergio Cruz.


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